Volunteer! Getting Involved in Your Community

Volunteer! Getting Involved in Your Community

Volunteer! Getting Involved in Your Community

Volunteering is a fun way to socialize, give back to your community, and find meaning in the activities that you do. Today’s blog will talk about volunteering, why you should consider it, and what types of volunteer work exists out in the world.

“Volunteering” means offering help with no expectation of compensation. When people volunteer, it generally means that they have found a cause worth working for freely to promote that particular cause. For example, if you are passionate about rescuing animals, you might volunteer for an animal shelter. If you are passionate about labor rights, you may volunteer for an organization that advocates for the protection and safety of immigrant labor in the United States. The causes that exist in the world are potentially endless, and every organization can use a helping hand.

Why Would You Volunteer?

Besides wanting to promote a cause that you feel is crucial in the world, there are many benefits to volunteering beyond the noble act of freely providing your services.

  • It helps you find meaning: People naturally make meaning in their lives. It is hard to conceive of someone living a life without wanting a sense of fulfillment of some sort, even if that meaning in friendship, a career, or a hobby. Volunteering is a way to promote a passion that you have to help bring good into the world. Volunteering doesn’t mean saving the world. It means making small differences in the lives of others who need help. That is rather meaningful if you ask us!
  • Volunteering is good for you: Many people who volunteer might find a boost in their self-esteem and self-confidence. This is because when you volunteer, you are usually promoting a good cause, which can bring you a sense of accomplishment. Additionally, volunteering gives your day structure and encourages you to complete a series of task. Don’t you normally feel great after you’ve completed something on your “to-do” list?
  • Volunteering as a way to socialize: Volunteering allows you to meet people in your community and to commune with them about the common cause you are serving. On top of that, socializing is a great way to promote mental health. Humans beings are social creatures, we depend on interaction with others to live, literally! So, volunteering is an excellent way to socialize, meet new people, and find purpose in connection with others.

Where Can You Volunteer?

This depends on your own interests and beliefs. If you are already part of an organization, like a religious organization, talk to the community leaders to see if volunteering opportunities exists. If not, you can do an online search for organizations that promote causes in which you believe. For example, if you are passionate about reducing food wastes, there are organizations that exist that sort through discarded yet intact food items to donate them to vulnerable communities who need food. You can also create your own schedule by volunteering when it is most convenient for you. For instance, if you are only free on weeknights or weekends, then talk to the organization coordinator to see how you can help at those times. Take a moment to think about causes that you are passionate about, and search for local organizations on your preferred search engine online.

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