What to Expect as We Age

What to Expect as We Age

What to Expect as We Age

Aging is a biological fact. We all age. This is a process that we undergo as we experience decreases in physiological function and increases in the likelihood of mortality due to various factors like illness, bone density loss, and so on. But, even though we all experience it does not mean that we are all individually prepared for what to expect. In this blog, we will cover some very common symptoms of aging and ways to keep your body healthy during the aging process.

Your Heart is Doing More Work[1]: As we age, arteries become stiffer and less able pump blood throughout the body as before. To assist with this, it is usually helpful for aging individuals to maintain a relatively active lifestyle, like taking walks, swimming, or doing other cardiovascular activities.

Decreases in Vision and Hearing: Whether its due to aging or the fact that people in wealthy countries spend a lot of time in front of TV screens/computer monitors and in noisy environments, we lose our vision and hearing as we get older. It is recommended to stay on top of doctor’s visits to keep track of these senses, since you may need to get a new glasses prescription or consider hearing aids. These devices can improve your quality of life greatly.

Bone Density Loss: As we age, our bones shrink in size and density.[2] This is a natural process, but it can often be offset by loading your muscles with a weight, like with some weightlifting exercises and eating enough calcium. Consider going to the gym to do some light resistance training to keep your body toned and your bones strong. Additionally, keep up with the quality of your diet. Include high calcium foods like dairy or dairy replacements.

Digestive Issues: Sometimes, aging can lead to some digestive problems, like constipation.[3] You can combat these symptoms by eating a healthy and fibrous diet, as well as exercising regularly.

Changing Sex Drive: Changes in sex drive can happen for men and women due to changes in various sex-related hormones. Fortunately, there are many ways to help with life in the bedroom, like medicine to help erectile dysfunction and lubrication. Many aging individuals have more time to spend with their couples. It may actually be the case that your sex drive improves.

Although these are just some things to consider, we hope that they have made you aware of what to expect as we age. As you may see, changes in our body will require that we behave differently by being conscious of our health. If you have any more questions, please call ElderCare at Home at 888-285-0093 or visit our website.

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